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    All our products are guaranteed for 2 years

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    Our phones are up to 70% less expensive vs new ones

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    Refurbished phones produce 57Kg less CO2 than new ones on average

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    Certideal review


    Fast delivery, Iphone in perfect condition

  • Gilles M

    Certideal review


    Fast delivery and as described. I've ordered 3 times from Certideal and it's always efficient. The only drawback on my latest ...

  • Urviez Caroline

    Certideal review


    I ordered without any problems. The colour I wanted wasn't in stock, so Certideal called me to offer me the same iPhone but in ...

  • EDDY

    Certideal review


    Very pleased, I'm delighted with my purchase.

  • Eric

    Certideal review


    Very good overall experience (once again). Shipping was fast. The phone is as described and works perfectly. Small ...

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    Frequently asked questions

    • Why purchase a refurbished phone?

      The main advantage of buying a refurbished iPhone is the money saved when compared to buying a new model, usually sold at exorbitant prices. A reconditioned iPhone is cheaper and just as functional.

      Besides, buying refurbished is also an ecological gesture: producing a new phone represents the same energy expenditure as charging and using a refurbished one for ten years.

      In summary, buying refurbished is good for your wallet and for the planet.

    • Quelles sont les différences entre un iPhone reconditionné et un iPhone neuf ?

      Le prix. Un iPhone reconditionné est 30 à 70% moins cher qu’un iPhone neuf. Cet écart de prix s’explique parce que l’iPhone reconditionné a déjà connu un propriétaire avant sa seconde vie.

      Mais la principale différence est au niveau de l’état esthétique. Un iPhone reconditionné, selon son grade, peut comporter des rayures plus ou moins visibles.

      En revanche, aucun pépin au niveau fonctionnel puisque l’iPhone reconditionné est 100% fonctionnel grâce au processus de reconditionnement et aux nombreux tests réalisés lors de cette opération.

    • Which garanties do you have on your products?

      We offer our clients a 24 months warranty over every product available on CertiDeal.

      One might wonder, what is the difference between CertiDeal warranty and the 24 months guarantee legal conformity?

      The legal guarantee is indeed 24 months for all electronic products retailers, second hand or not. But for second-hand products, from 6 months onwards, it will be up to the customer to prove that the product had a hidden defect from the beginning. This is why most retailers advertise a warranty of 6 months or 1 year at most. At CertiDeal, we offer the same warranty as you get in new products.

      If there is any problem, we take charge of diagnosis, reparation or replacement of the device depending on the type of malfunction, as well as the shipping costs for the return of the device.

      Warranty covers all technical failures of the phone, except for breaks and water oxidation.

      The battery is a consumable and its wear and tear will depend on the use you make of your smartphone. It is guaranteed at 85% of its original capacity upon receiving the phone. You have 3 months to report any battery problem and have it replaced.

      Therefore, in case of failure, Certideal, remains the only interlocutor with a customer service dedicated to you.

    • Do you have a blog in which I can look for interesting informations regarding refurbished iPhones?

      Yes. We do have a blog where you can find news and updates about CertiDeal, our special offers and also articles in which we analyze smartphones and write about high tech universe. You may find it here.

    • Where do CertiDeal refurbished iPhones come from?

      Our Purchasing Department obtains its supplies from operators who take back smartphones that have only had one owner. Each refurbished product offered for sale on our website is then collected by us and undergoes a functional approval process in our premises: verification, testing and validation.

      Our experts are thus the first to intervene technically on the product, which we recondition ourselves in-house, without any other intermediary.

    • What is the aesthetic condition of a refurbished iPhone?

      Depending on wear and tear, iPhone are graded differently:

      • FairScreen : Visible and invisible micro-scratches when the screen is on.Shell : Visible scratches or impacts. Tested and guaranteed for 24 months, unlocked and in 100% functional technical condition.
      • Very goodScreen : Excellent condition.Shell : may show superficial micro-scratches. Tested and Guaranteed 24 months, Unlocked and 100% functional technical condition.
      • Like new : Screen : Like new, flawless. Shell : perfect condition - may show barely visible micro-scratches. Tested and Guaranteed 24 months, Unlocked and 100% functional technical condition.

      The grading only concerns the aesthetic condition of the smartphones. In other words, they are all in perfect working order, without the slightest malfunction.