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    Refurbished phones produce 57Kg less CO2 than new ones on average

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    Certideal review


    Fast delivery, Iphone in perfect condition

  • Gilles M

    Certideal review


    Fast delivery and as described. I've ordered 3 times from Certideal and it's always efficient. The only drawback on my latest ...

  • Urviez Caroline

    Certideal review


    I ordered without any problems. The colour I wanted wasn't in stock, so Certideal called me to offer me the same iPhone but in ...

  • EDDY

    Certideal review


    Very pleased, I'm delighted with my purchase.

  • Eric

    Certideal review


    Very good overall experience (once again). Shipping was fast. The phone is as described and works perfectly. Small ...

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    Frequently asked questions

    • What is a refurbished iPhone?

      A refurbished iPhone is a smartphone that has already been owned by someone, but it has been renewed by a qualified professional. It is restored to factory settings and its potentially damaged parts are replaced.

      The iPhones, iPads, and other devices refurbished by CertiDeal come with a basic 24-month warranty, which can be extended. All smartphones are inspected, tested, and certified by our team of specialists who guarantee the 100% functional state of each one, in addition to checking its aesthetic condition.

    • Why buy a refurbished iPhone?

      The main advantage of buying a refurbished iPhone is the savings compared to a new model available at an exorbitant price. The refurbished iPhone is cheaper and just as functional.

      But buying refurbished also means making an ecological gesture: buying a new phone represents the same energy expenditure as recharging and using it for ten years.

      In short, buying refurbished is economical for your wallet and for the planet.

    • What are the differences between a refurbished iPhone and a new iPhone?

      The price. A refurbished iPhone costs between 30% and 70% less than a new iPhone. This price difference is explained by the fact that the refurbished iPhone has already had an owner before its second life.

      But the main difference is in terms of appearance. Depending on the quality, a refurbished iPhone may have more or less visible scratches.

      On the other hand, there are no operational issues, as the refurbished iPhone is 100% functional thanks to the refurbishment process and the numerous tests carried out during the operation.

    • What are the differences between a refurbished iPhone and a used iPhone?

      The main differences are: the warranty and the verification of the functional state of the products.

      A refurbished smartphone from CertiDeal is a safe purchase that can be made with total peace of mind and confidence.

      The devices are checked, tested, and certified by our team of experts with nearly a decade of experience. A team of nearly 100 people who, year after year, test, evaluate, and repair over 200,000 devices. This allows us to offer you a 2-year warranty, the longest on the Italian market.

      A used iPhone, on the other hand, is a product that may have potential malfunctions, has not been checked by qualified personnel, and often is not covered by any warranty.

    • Avez-vous un blog qui me donne des informations intéressantes sur les iPhones reconditionnés ?

      Oui. Nous avons un hub d'informations où vous trouverez des articles sur le monde des smartphones reconditionnés, de nombreux conseils et astuces sur les applications et les paramètres pour pouvoir utiliser au mieux votre téléphone. De plus, notre guide d'achat vous aidera à choisir le téléphone qui correspond le mieux à l'utilisation que vous en ferez. La section "Nos conseils" est continuellement mise à jour avec de nombreux nouveaux sujets intéressants qui seront ajoutés de temps en temps. Découvrez-la ici.

    • Where do CertiDeal's refurbished iPhones come from?

      Our purchasing department sources from operators who take back smartphones that have only had a single and unique owner. Each refurbished product offered for sale on our site is then physically retrieved by us and undergoes a functional approval process in our facilities: verification, testing, and validation.

      Our experts are thus the first to technically intervene on the product, which we refurbish ourselves in-house, without any other intermediary.

    • What is the aesthetic condition of a refurbished iPhone?

      Depending on wear and tear, iPhone are graded differently:

      • FairScreen : Visible and invisible micro-scratches when the screen is on.Shell : Visible scratches or impacts. Tested and guaranteed for 24 months, unlocked and in 100% functional technical condition.
      • Very goodScreen : Excellent condition.Shell : may show superficial micro-scratches. Tested and Guaranteed 24 months, Unlocked and 100% functional technical condition.
      • Like new : Screen : Like new, flawless. Shell : perfect condition - may show barely visible micro-scratches. Tested and Guaranteed 24 months, Unlocked and 100% functional technical condition.
      • Premium: Screen: 100% guaranteed original manufacturer (exclusive to CertiDeal). Impeccable quality (only 5% of our phones are of premium grade). Body: may have barely visible micro-scratches (invisible from 20 cm).

      The grading only concerns the aesthetic condition of the smartphones. In other words, they are all in perfect working order, without the slightest malfunction.